I love bread

In pretty much any form.  Except probably in a Ruben.

I decided to make some cinnamon rolls and bread yesterday.  It is/was yummy.

Jacob and I had just watched an episode of Throw Down With Bobby Flay about sticky buns, so I decided while I was making cinnamon rolls to make a couple of them in the sticky bun style.  It was delicious!  And not at all full of calories. The sticky buns were about 333 calories each. Here are some pictures of the results.

Regular rolls and cinnamon rolls.  I did make more cinnamon rolls than that, however this is what spilled onto the second pan.


The loaves of bread.   I am so excited that I finally understood how to braid the bread!


Unfortunately, I failed to take a picture of the final product of the sticky buns.  However, I did take a picture of the ramekin that I used to bake it in.


I started with a layer of buttermilk syrup (that we had left over from pancakes) and then a layer of almond slivers.  I then placed the raw cinnamon roll in the dish and baked it just like the rest of the rolls.  Upon removing from the oven turn upside down on plate.  I learned the harder way, that if you let the ramekin set there for a while, the sticky bun keeps the “glaze” and almonds in place, and makes for a nice presentation.



We had the missionaries over for dinner (a couple times recently, kinda seems to end up once a week for periods of time and then once every other month other times).  We like to ask if there is anything they have been missing or anything they would like to try out. Well, we found out that neither Elder Vance or Elder Naegle (pictures forthcoming) had ever had a souffle.  Or, Chocolate Soup as some young people call it, it still tasted good!

Mallory’s Visit

Mallory came to stay last weekend with us*. We made her earn her keep. Only we wouldn’t let her wash the dishes.

We surprised her by showing up for her play on Friday night.** Then we went over to see Rick, Ginny, and Skyler for a little bit and played nerts. Being Martin’s birthday, we called to sing him “Happy Birthday”, but poor Ashley had to hear us instead. When we got to Macomb, I gave Mallory about 30 wipes*** to clean the stage make-up off of her face. We got up early the next morning so we could go be time/score keepers for the stake basketball tournament. That was fun, just ask MalloryWink. She and I then left Jacob at the house and we went to the pet stores to get me some fish.**** Mallory had never seen Johnny Lingo so I had her watch that as we were trying to get up the motivation to make some bread. It was yummy. And we made some cinnamon rolls too-they were delicious. Good job Mal, I made her do a lot of the work.***** We made lemon-lime pepper chicken, homemade french-fries, and peas for supper. Mallory was in charge****** of the peas, and mostly the fries. And I had her be the taste tester for the Chicken. Oddly enough, all that was left-over were the peas. (I ate them the next day.) We went over to Jacob’s parent’s house and played more nerts. ******* Sunday Mallory helped out in the nursery because our regular teachers were out of town or sick. I hope she had fun in Macomb, even if she did have to sleep on the futon.

This is the yeast, rising for the bread.

Making fries.

Cooking Peas.

While they waited for me to finish cooking the chicken, Jacob gave her a lesson on cymbals.

*Not this last one, the one before it. I am just getting slower at documenting things.

**Martin’s Birthday-the real one, not the one we normally celebrate for himSmile

***So she probably really only used 5 or 6, but you get the idea, there was way too much make-up on her face.

****Yes I finally set the tank up after all the fish died last summer. However, there are only 2 fish left. Sonny and Cher. They look like they will survive. I hope so, I am done with dying fish.

*****It is kind of hard to say we made her do it, she volunteered to do everything.

******We even had her wearing a Chef’s coat.

******You would think we like the game or something.

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy

Our friends Jason and Jessie had us over for steak tonight. It was good. Aiden referred to the dinner rolls as biscuits. So, I did the best thing I could think of doing, I started talking with an English accent. She gave me funny looks, but by and by, she started to pick it up a little too. You could mostly hear it in her “okay.” We laughed. We brought over dessert. I made little white chocolate mousse tarts again, however I used peaches instead of strawberries*. We stayed and talked for a while after Aiden went to bed. It was a good time.

Aiden is allergic to berries, and I still wanted to use fruit on it. I was a bit hesitant to use peaches, but it tasted nicely.

Happiness Is Homemade

Today is the day we put Rick and Ginny’s wedding announcements together. They are cute. She is glad though that we only get married one time! Too much work. For one day, perhaps I am projecting my latent Wedding preparation stress onto her. If she is lucky that is all there is to it. I don’t know, Ginny, is it stressful?

Also, I made the tart things again, I think they are good, but I will never loose weight if I keep making yummy foods. Ronda made cookies and Gavyn made brownies. We discovered that G2 and G3 are allergic to peanut butter cookies. A bit of Benedryl and the hives and rash go away. At least Gavyn can still have peanut butter.

Pictures coming if I get some from Ronda, I forgot my camera.

How Shocking

Tonight we had the missionaries over for dinner and we invited our friend John over who we haven’t seen in over a year. It was nice to have him over and visit.

Jacob made fettuccine from scratch and Alfredo sauce too. I made white chocolate mousse tarts with strawberries for dessert. (The same kind from New Years, only a different shell) Sadly enough, no pictures, again.

After we ate, the missionaries shared a message and left. We then went and picked up Emily and the four of us went bowling. It was a lot of fun, even if that alley hates me! we got ice cream and went back to out house and played life. I believe I won (notice I didn’t mention my score in bowling-again, that alley hates me).

However the best part of the evening had to be John’s zapper thing. Which he used many times to shock Emily.

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Today we drove to St Louis to take Erin back to the airport.  We will miss her and hope she has a great semester.  After we dropped her off we went to find the Panera Bread Company and The Viking Store that we found on our honeymoon.  So we took Karen to see the cool store and while there found The Container Store, the ultimate OCD enabler.  And amazingly enough the weather was pretty good.

Also, yesterday our friend Evan did a photo shoot for us (Jacob’s family).