I’m feeling selfish

I love my baby, and I don’t want to share her. Then I remind myself that if I do, perhaps I will be lucky enough to hear that other people love her too….

So, here goes something: 2 videos. Of Marcia the younger. With brief appearances by the arms of Jacob and Marcia the elder. They are each around five and a half minutes long.

This first one is from the twelfth. In the bath tub. I put her in the bathing suit I wore as an infant (for modesty’s sake). It is nice to see a human wear it. For the past couple decades it was worn by my cabbage patch kid.

This second video is from today. First part this morning, second part this afternoon.

I hope you enjoyed the videos as much as we enjoy Marcia.

Happy Birthday (one month)

It has been a busy month.  Marcia sure did pick a busy time of year to get born.

Now with the holidays over, perhaps life will slow down.  Then maybe we can get a good routine happening, or at least pretend it is happening.

Tonight we did a photo shoot.  Pictures to come soon, perhaps I will be able to post some while she naps tomorrow.

Yesterday was her Naming and Blessing at church.  It was a very special day.  Some of our favorite people came to share in that with us.

I will also answer some FAQs when I post the pictures.

2010 Year in Review

Tonight, as we bid farewell to 2010, we reflect on some of the things that have happened this year. In hindsight, it’s been a very big year for us, with a lot of big, big changes. Here’s our list of accomplishments for 2010:

  • In January, Jacob went back to school to work on getting a Masters degree in Computer Science.
  • On one saturday in April, we got an iPad and learned that we were going to become parents (OK, so getting an iPad isn’t really a huge accomplishment, but it WAS an exciting day, and helped us launch a new business).
  • On June 14, we closed on the purchase of a house that had been trying to sell itself to us for two years, and on the same day started telling people that Marcia was pregnant.
  • On December 3, Marcia completed her mitosis and now we have two Marcias.
  • 2 weeks later, Jacob finished his second semester of graduate school (with a 4.0 GPA, which I’m quite proud of).
  • This morning, December 31, we read the Second Epistle of John, which was 373 consecutive days of reading scriptures together. 2010 was the first year in which we read together every day.
  • Also as of December 31, we have kept the smaller Marcia alive for 4 whole weeks, which is longer than any plant (and most fish) we’ve ever owned. The original Marcia is still alive and happy as well.

2010 Was very good to us, and we’re excited to see what 2011 brings. Happy New Year!

Picture time!!!

First picture ever.


First picture as a family of three.


Bonding with her daddy as they check out her mommy.


The two Marcias hanging out.


I just love this one.


Perfect little hands.


Long precious feet.


Our little burrito.


Wearing bikes for Daddy.


This is what she did when I started singing Thriller to her.


Holding onto her mommy helps her sleep.


Folding her hands, is she praying?


Just precious!


Family picture after everyone has cleaned off.