One Thing I Just Can’t Stand

Tonight I was driving home in the dark with my lights on.  I was in the south bound lane.  Suddenly I see two lights reflecting back at me about 5-6 feet off the ground.  I engaged my brakes.  I was with in feet of hitting some guy on a bike.  No reflectors, dark clothes, very dark skin (only matters, because I couldn’t see him) headed north in the middle of the southbound lane!  And no helmet to boot!  I only saw him because of his glasses.  This makes me so mad!  If you are going to ride a bike wear a helmet.  It will make the difference of life and death.  Also, if you are going to ride in the dark, use lights!  It makes you more visible and helps you see around yourself.

One thought on “One Thing I Just Can’t Stand”

  1. Your pet peeve is along the lines of mine. I really dislike it when people walk on the wrong side of the road. Ugh!! Did their parents not teach them anything?!

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