question six


Driving on a street with no sidewalks and there are pedestrians walking on the left side of the road as they see it or there is a cyclist riding in the right lane (and properly wearing a helmet is a must on a bike):

a-the car should keep driving and never slow down, driving as close to the bike as they can, it is especially satisfying if the motorist can manage to run the bike off the road or hit it and hope that the bike will never resurface
b-the car should come up behind the bike or up to the walkers as close as they can and then blast the horn to scare them out of the way, or off the road
c-the car should move over and pass the bike or walkers with plenty of space (there is an Illinois law that states a motorist is to give a cyclist 3 feet of clearance at minimum) when the oncoming traffic is clear, slowing down as much as is necessary

question seven


Blue car on the south at a stop sign and green car eastbound approaching with no stop sign:

a-blue car should get off the cell phone and wait until green car passes though and then proceed when the intersection is clear
b-blue car should go ahead and turn because there is no time like the present
c-blue car should honk the horn and wave hand frantically indicating that the green car is going too slow (by obeying the speed limit)

question eight


Blue car is westbound talking/texting on the cell phone and hovering over the yellow line when the black car appears eastbound:

a-blue car should cradle the phone with her shoulder in order to keep talking and stand her ground on the yellow line
b-driver of the blue car should put down the cell phone and get back in her own lane
c-the driver should not change phone habits and should cross further into the oncoming traffic lane and force the black car out of the lane (often resulting in being in the shoulder) (part “c” was only coincidentally labeled “c”)

question nine


Pedestrians are crossing the street when the red car from the west and the purple car from the north are approaching:

a-the purple car and the red car should both stop at the stop signs and wait for the pedestrians to finish crossing the street, then proceed, in turn through the intersection
b-Red car should roll through the intersection before the pedestrians have a chance to get all the way across, and the purple car should stop at the stop sign and wait for the intersection to clear
c-the red car should wave the purple car on faster through the intersection in hopes that both cars will make it through the intersection before the pedestrians finish crossing the street

question ten


Three cars approach the intersection, a green car from the west, a dark blue car from the south, and a lighter blue car from the north (in that order); the darker blue car is turning left:

a-the green car should wave on the dark blue car because it is on the right and the lighter blue car is going straight so it should go ahead and go through the intersection so the dark blue car can turn left, and then the green car may proceed
b-the darker blue car should go first because it is to the right of the other cars in the intersection, then the green car, then the lighter blue car
c-the green car should go first because it arrived first, the dark blue car second and the lighter blue car third

question eleven


Traveling on a street with the speed limit posted many times at 30 mph and a car comes up behind going very fast (on our street people often 45 mph or more):

a-the red car should slow down to the speed limit, as should the black car
b-the red car should honk the horn and flash its lights while gesturing angrily
c-the black car should slow down to 25 mph and hope that the oncoming traffic keeps up and force the red car to slow down

One Thing I Just Can’t Stand

Tonight I was driving home in the dark with my lights on.  I was in the south bound lane.  Suddenly I see two lights reflecting back at me about 5-6 feet off the ground.  I engaged my brakes.  I was with in feet of hitting some guy on a bike.  No reflectors, dark clothes, headed north in the middle of the southbound lane!  And no helmet to boot!  I only saw him because of his glasses.  This makes me so mad!  If you are going to ride a bike wear a helmet.  It will make the difference of life and death.  Also, if you are going to ride in the dark, use lights!  It makes you more visible and helps you see around yourself.

Only in Illinois… part II

Some time ago, I wrote about all the miles I’d put on my bike in the past year, and some of the interesting things that had happened in the process. One of those things was chasing a herd of cows down a farm road… Only in Illinois.

Well, today came part II. I was about 12 miles into my ride, headed north on a narrow road that probably doesn’t even exist on most maps. I was moving along at a decent clip – around 23mph, when I suddenly heard a loud rustling on the side of the road just ahead. A calf (or at least a small cow) sprang from the brush and ran for her life just ahead of me!

On both sides of the road were fences, so the cow had nowhere to go. She wasn’t going to let me catch up with her, so passing her and leaving her behind was out of the question. I didn’t want to run the cow several miles up the road to the end of the fence, as that would just leave some farmer with a lost cow.

I hit the brakes and slowed down so the cow could just walk and still “run” away from me, while I contemplated what to do. I could turn around and go back the other way, picking a different route than I’d originally planned. I could go to the nearest house and see if they knew whose cow it might be. I could call the police on my cell phone.

My new pacesetter and I came around a slight bend in the road, and saw the farmer and his son, just getting out of a pickup truck by an open gate. Aha! That’s how she escaped. The cow suddenly realized she was trapped between two bad things – the farmer that would make her go back into the pasture, and me, who had two wheels and a bright yellow shirt. She hesitated, considering going back the other way.

I sped up.

She turned and ran.

We repeated this 3 or 4 times, me using a bicycle to actually herd a cow towards its pen. When it got close to the gate, the farmer’s son (who looked to be about 10) whistled and clapped, and the cow turned and went straight into the gate.

I’ve never ridden a horse in my life, and I don’t know how well I would like chaps, boots and a ten gallon hat; but today, on my trusty Trek and in lycra shorts, clipless cycling shoes, and a bike helmet, I got to be a cowboy.

I waved to the farmer as I passed the truck, then sped up and continued on my way. I only looked up when I passed the main part of the herd farther down the pasture, to smile, wave at the cows, and shout “You stink!”

Thank goodness the rest of the ride wasn’t upwind.